Erlebnis Saaleradweg

403 Kilometer Natur.Kultur.Genuss

Luggage transport and Bike transfer

Luggage Shuttle

The majority of the many cycle-friendly accommodations along the Saale Cycling Path provide visitors with a luggage transfer to their next accommodation. A selection of these accommodations can be found on our page »Offers«.
Ask at the time of booking about your host’s luggage shuttle service.

Bike Transfer           

Tour providers along the Saale Cycle Path will often offer to transfer your bike to the start or end point. A selection of bike tour providers can be found here.

Our tip: Bike Shuttles and Cycle Buses

On sections of the Saale Cycle Path is the »Bike-Shuttle« service. From May 1st you can use the Bicycle Buses of the »Frankenwaldmobil« on the Bavarian section of the cycle path. More information about the route network, timetable and reservations can be found on the homepage of the Frankenwaldmobil or the mobile service telephone number, Tel: +49 (0) 9261-601516.
In Thuringia the KomBus offers a good Bike-Shuttle service in the mountainous reservoir sections. Between the piers Linkenmühle and Altenroth is the bike shuttle service that has space for 3 to 4 bikes. It operates daily from May 1st to October 31st, between the hours of 9.00am – 6.00pm. The bike shuttle operates from the Mühlenfähre to Ziegenrück, Lothramühle, Paska and Altenbeuthen and Ziegenrück to Lothramühle and back.
Cycle Buses of KomBus operate in the districts of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt and Saale-Orla to Jena, Weimar and Neuhaus. On weekends, all regional buses of KomBus can carry up to seven bicycles on bike racks on the rear of the bus and some inside the buses on request even on weekdays. The bicycle transportation costs € 1 (up to 100 minutes; day ticket € 3.50). Since the space capacities are limited, reservations are recommended by telephone. The appropriate journeys are marked with a bicycle symbol on the timetable.
A special Cycle Bus (KomBus) with bike trailer and driver is available for hire to individual group tours of groups up to 20 people.
All information is available by telephone on Tel: +49 (0) 3671-525190, on the homepage of KomBus GmbH, in the KomBus Service Centres in Rudolstadt, Saalfeld, Pössneck and the bus station in Schleiz or via e-mail ( Details can also be found in the German route brochure »Unterwegs mit dem Wander- und FahrradBus« (available in KomBus service centres and tourist info centre).

Our tip: bicycles on the train

On all local trains of Deutsche Bahn in Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt bicycles can be transported free of charge. In Bavaria you can purchase a daily bicycle ticket from € 5.00.
The transport of bicycles on Deutsche Bahn cannot be guaranteed as this depends on the available space. Many trains have multipurpose compartments which are marked on the outside with a "Bicycle Symbol." During peak season and especially during the weekends on some popular cycling routes there can be capacity bottlenecks. We recommend especially with groups off more than three bicycles, to register your travel request in advance to Deutsche Bahn.